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1Treating complainants fairly (DISP 1)

Reference CodeTitle
DISP 1.1

Purpose and application

DISP 1.2

Consumer awareness rules

DISP 1.3

Complaints handling rules

DISP 1.4

Complaints resolution rules

DISP 1.5

Complaints resolved by close of the next business day2

DISP 1.6

Complaints time limit rules

DISP 1.7

Complaints forwarding rules

DISP 1.8

Complaints time barring rule

DISP 1.9

Complaints record rule

DISP 1.10

Complaints reporting rules

DISP 1.10A

Complaints data publication rules

DISP 1.11

The Society of Lloyd's

DISP 1 Annex 1

Complaints return form

DISP 1 Annex 1A

Recommended metrics

DISP 1 Annex 1B

Complaints publication report

DISP 1 Annex 1C

Illustration of the online reporting requirements, referred to in DISP 1.10.2AR

DISP 1 Annex 2

Application of DISP 1 to type of respondent / complaint3

DISP 1 Annex 3

Appropriate wording for inclusion in a final response or written acceptance