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Click here to view amending instruments for this sectionFIT 2.1 Honesty, integrity and reputation

FIT 2.1.1
In determining a person's honesty, integrity and reputation, the appropriate regulator11 will have regard to all relevant 2matters including, but not limited to, those set out in FIT 2.1.3 G which may have arisen either in the United Kingdom or elsewhere. The appropriate regulator11 should be informed of these matters (see3 SUP 10A.14.17 R and SUP 10B.12.18311), but will consider the circumstances only where relevant to the requirements and standards of the regulatory system. For example, under FIT 2.1.3 G(1), conviction for a criminal offence will not automatically mean an application will be rejected. The appropriate regulator11 treats each candidate's application on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the seriousness of, and circumstances surrounding, the offence, the explanation offered by the convicted person, the relevance of the offence to the proposed role, the passage of time since the offence was committed and evidence of the individual's rehabilitation.4
FIT 2.1.2
In considering the matters in FIT 2.1.1 G, the appropriate regulator11 will look at whether the person's reputation might have an adverse impact upon the firm for which the controlled function is or is to be performed and at the person's responsibilities.
FIT 2.1.3
The matters referred to in FIT 2.1.1 G to which the appropriate regulator11 will have regard1 include, but are not limited to:
(1) whether the person has been convicted of any criminal offence; this must include, where 5provided for by the 6Rehabilitation Exceptions Orders 6to5 the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 or the Rehabilitation of Offenders (Northern Ireland) Order 1978 (as applicable)65, any spent convictions5; particular consideration will be given to offences of dishonesty, fraud, financial crime or an offence 6under legislation relating to companies, building societies, industrial and provident societies, credit unions, friendly societies, banking6,6 other financial services, insolvency, consumer credit companies, insurance,6 6 consumer protection, money laundering, market manipulation 6and 6insider dealing5, whether or not in the United Kingdom6;4
(2) whether the person has been the subject of any adverse finding or any settlement in civil proceedings, particularly in connection with investment or other financial business, misconduct, fraud or the formation or management of a body corporate;
(3) whether the person has been the subject of, or interviewed in the course of, any existing or previous investigation or disciplinary proceedings, by the appropriate regulator, by other regulatory authorities (including a previous regulator), clearing houses and exchanges, professional bodies, or government bodies or agencies;
(4) whether the person is or has been the subject of any proceedings of a disciplinary or criminal nature, or has been notified of any potential proceedings or of any investigation which might lead to those proceedings;
(5) whether the person has contravened any of the requirements and standards of the regulatory system or the equivalent standards or requirements of other regulatory authorities (including a previous regulator), clearing houses and exchanges, professional bodies, or government bodies or agencies;
(6) whether the person has been the subject of any justified complaint relating to regulated activities;
(7) whether the person has been involved with a company, partnership or other organisation that has been refused registration, authorisation, membership or a licence to carry out a trade, business or profession, or has had that registration, authorisation, membership or licence revoked, withdrawn or terminated, or has been expelled by a regulatory or government body;
(8) whether, as a result of the removal of the relevant licence, registration or other authority, the person has been refused the right to carry on a trade, business or profession requiring a licence, registration or other authority;
(9) whether the person has been a director, partner, or concerned in the management, of a business that has gone into insolvency, liquidation or administration while the person has been connected with that organisation or within one year of that connection;
(10) whether the person, or any business with which the person has been involved, has been investigated, disciplined, censured or suspended or criticised by a regulatory or professional body, a court or Tribunal, whether publicly or privately;
(11) whether the person has been dismissed, or asked to resign and resigned, from employment or from a position of trust, fiduciary appointment or similar;
(12) whether the person has ever been disqualified from acting as a director or disqualified from acting in any managerial capacity;
(13) whether, in the past, the person has been candid and truthful in all his dealings with any regulatory body and whether the person demonstrates a readiness and willingness to comply with the requirements and standards of the regulatory system and with other legal, regulatory and professional requirements and standards.