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Listing Rules  (LR)

United Kingdom Listing Authority listing rules

Reference codeTitle
LR 1

Preliminary: All securities1

LR 2

Requirements for listing: All securities1

LR 3

Listing applications: All securities1

LR 4

Listing particulars for professional securities market and certain other securities: All securities1

LR 5

1Suspending, cancelling and restoring listing and reverse takeovers: All securities4

LR 6

Additional requirements for premium listing (commercial company)21

LR 7

1Listing Principles and Premium Listing Principles5

LR 8

Sponsors: Premium listing1

LR 9

Continuing obligations

LR 10

Significant transactions: Premium listing1

LR 11

Related party transactions: Premium listing1

LR 12

Dealing in own securities and treasury shares: Premium listing1

LR 13

Contents of circulars: Premium listing1

LR 14

Standard listing (shares)12

LR 15

Closed-Ended Investment Funds: Premium listing1

LR 16

Open-ended investment companies: Premium listing1

LR 17

Debt and debt-like securities: Standard listing12

LR 18

Certificates representing certain securities: Standard listing1

LR 19

Securitised derivatives: Standard listing1

LR 20

Miscellaneous Securities: Standard listing

LR App 1

Relevant definitions

LR App 2

Annual Financial Report for certain listed companies

LR App 3

List of Regulatory Information Services [deleted]

LR transchedule

Transitional Provisions